Ameinu's Vice-President and Head of Executive Committee Nomi Colton-Max lists some of the ways you can help Israeli people today!
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Many of you have reached out to us at Ameinu, asking us the best way to support Israelis during these dreadful days. As you can imagine, there are many places to donate, and we will be updating this page when newer funds are established.   There are obvious places where you may be involved, such as your local Federation, the Jewish Agency, and the American Zionist Movement that are collecting funds.  Below, are specific projects from our  partners and dear colleagues:

The list is in no specific order. We will keep updating the list on our website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  

1.Project Rozana USA 

The Black Saturday massacre perpetrated by Hamas against Israel and Israel’s subsequent war against Hamas has resulted in unprecedented loss and an increasingly dire humanitarian crisis.

Nearly 30,000 people (mostly from Gaza) have been reported injured and wounded across the region, and the pressure on frontline hospitals in Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Israel is enormous. The strain of coping with the large influx of critical cases is stretching the healthcare system to its limits. 

Many of these hospitals are Rozana partners. Over the past two years Rozana has trained their trauma and emergency care physicians and their critical care nurses.

Project Rozana is proud to support their partner institutions and Rozana alumni who are addressing urgent healthcare needs now and preparing for the long-term rehabilitation needs and mental health challenges to come.

Donate here.

2.  Chofshi B’Arztenu, the Israeli Democracy Headquarters is the only organization which serves all 200 grassroots organizations throughout the country. Israel Democracy HQ support our member groups and organizations that form the broad alliance against the judicial overhaul in Israel, which threatens Israel’s democracy, security and society as a whole. Donations here go to assist the residents of the South. 

3.  UnXeptable’s list of recommended fundraising projects, including supporting families under attack and support for unrecognized Arab villages in the Negev, can be supported here.

4. Ameinu’s friend and partner Dror Israel’s Emergency Response plan is raising money for evacuated families, youth councillors in bomb shelters, daycare for children of essential staff, and online programming for kids in families who are sheltering in place.  Donate here


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