Ameinu is proud to work and partner with other organizations and alliances in order to promote our shared goals. These joint efforts include programs in Israel, advocacy efforts both in here and in Israel, humanitarian projects and international partnerships.

Project Rozana was established in 2013 and has since grown to become an international organization with branches in Australia, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom and United States. The initiative is committed to building …

… bridges between Israelis and Palestinians through the field  of healthcare, an area of civil society where both peoples meet on a broad scale. The organization aims to improve access to medical treatment for Palestinians in Israeli hospitals, while significantly expanding healthcare capacity on the West Bank and in Gaza.   |   website »

J-Link is an international network of progressive Jewish organizations from Israel, the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and Australia. Member organizations share a love of Israel and a …

 commitment to democracy, human rights, religious pluralism, and a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

J-Link aspires to work with respective local Jewish communities, national governments and international organizations to advocate for its r values and vision for Israel.

An Ameinu representative sits on the six person J-Link Coordinating Committee that directs the alliance’s advocacy efforts. 

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The Third Narrative (TTN) is an initiative started by Ameinu in 2013 to provide progressive answers to the far-left criticism against Israel while developing constructive alliances with progressive activists. …

… The Alliance for Academic Freedom (AAF), functioning under the TTN umbrella, is a nationwide network of hundreds of liberal academics and scholars dedicated to combating academic boycotts and blacklists while defending freedom of expression.   |   website »

The Progressive Israel Network brings together ten organizations, including Ameinu, representing Americans who are committed to pursuing democracy, equality and peace in Israel. The coalition provides a strong, unified …

voice in support of its members’ common goals: democracy and equal rights, religious freedom and pluralism, and a two-state solution that would secure a peaceful future for Israel and end the occupation.

The Network weighs in on the significant challenges that face Israel and the US-Israel relationship. It  coordinates campaigns designed to mobilize the majority of American Jews who share its progressive values and goals, supports the work of Israeli progressives, and urges the US government to adopt policies that further Israeli-Palestinian peace. The Network fights against US and Israeli policies that promote annexation, entrench occupation and undermine liberal democracy in Israel.   |   website »

Dror Israel is a Zionist educational movement established by the graduates of the HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed youth movement. Currently numbering 1,300 young men and women, the members of Dror Israel … 

… have chosen to live according to the values of equality, peace, volunteerism and Tikkun Olam. Its members have established educators’ kibbutzim throughout Israel’s socio-geographic periphery, developed and run educational programs, and guided and taught  in a variety of formal and informal educational frameworks to engage and empower over 100,000 vulnerable children and youth.   |   website »

Founded in 1935, Habonim Dror (the Builders of Freedom) is a Progressive Labor Zionist Youth movement whose mission is:
– To build a personal bond and commitment between …

… North American Jewish youth and the State of Israel.

– To create Jewish leaders who will actualize the principles of social justice, equality, peace and coexistence in Israel and North America.

Habonim Dror runs 6 מחנות קיץ across Canada and the United States, an Israel summer program (MBI), a Gap-year program in Israel (Workshop), and year-round activities in many areas of North America (called Eizorim/Kenim) based on the pillars of Progressive Labor Zionism, Judaism, Socialism, Social Justice, and Hagshama (actualization of values).

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Kibbutz Program Center (KPC) is dedicated to connecting young adults across the United States and Canada with exciting and inspiring programs in Israel. As one of the premier providers of kibbutz …

… experiences in Israel, KPC offers its participants an opportunity to see and feel Israel “not as a tourist” but as a crucial member of an elite corps making a valuable contribution to Israeli society. KPC’s programs serve as a platform for developing communal leaders with a keen understanding of, and respect for, social change, local community responsibility, and Jewish identity.

The Kibbutz Program Center was created as a shared vision of the Israeli Kibbutz movement and the Jewish Agency and is managed by Ameinu.  Ameinu believes that providing a variety of programs and opportunities in Israel to young people in Canada and the United States is a crucial element of fulfilling its mission

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Connect IL was founded in 2018 by a group of Israelis who live in New York and care deeply about preserving the values of Israel as a pluralistic and democratic state. Connect IL’s goal is to allow Israelis who live …

abroad to stay involved and connected to Israeli society, to build a bridge between the American Jews and Israel, and strengthen the Jewish community across the world. 

The group provides a platform for social and educational ​​activities for Israelis in New York and includes learning alongside activism in the form of meetings, campaigns, publications and more.

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