Ameinu to U.S. and International Community: Work on Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

Israeli flag flying beside a decommissioned Israeli Centurion tank used during the Yom Kippur War at Tel Saki on the Golan Heights in Israel

Ameinu deeply regrets the loss of both Israeli and Palestinian lives as a result of the escalation of violence that began in Jerusalem and has since spread to Gaza and to Israel proper. For too long, cynical leaders on both sides have ignored the need to address the core issues standing between Israelis and Palestinians. It was only a matter of time before the tensions in Jerusalem triggered a larger conflagration.

Ameinu calls on the U.S. government and other international entities to help the parties reach an immediate cessation of the current violence, setting the stage for Israeli and Palestinian decision makers to reconsider intransigent positions and engage in good faith efforts to bring about an end to the conflict.

In parallel, key elements in returning calm to Jerusalem and other Israeli cities include marginalizing the extremists on both sides, and for all community leaders to avoid incendiary, inciting actions and rhetoric. At that point, attention can be turned to utilizing all available legal and political tools to redress long standing inequalities suffered by the Arab community and solve other status issues that can no longer be ignored.

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