Book Launch Event: Join us for a discussion and reading with the authors

In this place

While civilians in Israel and Gaza continue to suffer during this current military conflict, we believe that we must look forward to the days ahead when we search for a true solution to the the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this spirit Ameinu is proud to join several other organizations in co-sponsoring this previously scheduled event:

Meet the authors of this new book, In This Place Together – A Palestinian’s Journey to Collective Liberation a joint project between Combatants for Peace co-founder Sulaiman (Souli) Khatib and author Penina Eilberg-Schwartz.The project is a narrative and poetic meditation on joint nonviolence, on Palestinian-Israeli co-resistance in the face of occupation, and on what it means to struggle for justice in partnership with others across vast differences in power and experience. Intimate and political, In this Place Together opens a new space and offers a vision to guide us as we fight to end the occupation, win Palestinian freedom, and experience collective liberation.

Join us on zoom as Sulaiman and Penina will discuss working with others across vast differences in power and experience.

Thursday, May 27, 2021 ,1pm EDT

(This is a past event, registration is no longer available)

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