Ameinu Responds to Israeli Election Results


As the results of Israel’s most recent election are now final, Ameinu reaffirms its commitment to Israel’s democracy and congratulates outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid for his public affirmation to a smooth transition of power. Democracy is predicated on all parties respecting the outcome of free and fair elections.

Ameinu is, however, profoundly distressed by the likelihood whereby avowedly racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-democratic parties will sit in a government of Israel. True Zionism is incompatible with these abhorrent views.

Israel must remain a country of all of its citizens. Ameinu will continue to stand for the full and equal rights of all of Israel’s citizens, regardless of their religion, gender, sex, and ethnicity.

Ameinu calls upon the international Jewish community to reject racism in all forms and to disassociate itself from racists and provocateurs, even if they become ministers in a future government of Israel. There can be no accommodations with the forces of hatred and intolerance.


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