Ameinu Endorses Congressional Two State Solution Act


Ameinu proudly endorses The Two State Solution Act introduced in the US House of Representatives by Michigan Congressman Andy Levin. The Act, which was co-sponsored by 24 representatives, re-establishes the US in its traditional role as an honest broker striving to bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians. “This Act puts into place a number of measures that would better align US foreign policy with the goal of achieving a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine, something that all supporters of Israel should get behind,” said Ameinu President Kenneth Bob.

Importantly, the legislation calls out the distinction between Israel and the Occupied Territories while affirming security assistance to Israel. “Stipulating that US aid will not go toward settlement expansion or toward other activities that make it more difficult to achieve a two-state solution is an overdue clarification that serves the cause of peace.” added Bob.

Ameinu encourages all Americans who support a two-state solution to contact their representatives and encourage them to pass this legislation.


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