The Other Israel Film Festival


The Other Israel Film Festival 2022 is running from November 3-10! Don’t miss in-depth films that explore human stories and social issues within Israeli and Palestinian societies.The Other Israel Film Festival, founded in 2007, presents cinema and television that inspires conversation and takes an in-depth look into Israeli and Palestinian societies. The festival explores human stories and social issues. Other Israel presents dramatic and documentary films, as well as panels and events exploring the relationship between history, culture, and identity. With partner organizations, the festival aims to engage the community, deepen views, challenge perspectives, and drive communities to action.

This year, Ameinu joins other PIN members (Progressive Israel Network) co-sponsoring the North American Premiere screening of H2: The Occupation Lab, followed by Q+A with co-director Noam Sheizaf. Moderated by Libby Lenkinski.

Where: At the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

When: Sat, Nov 5 at 7:00PM.


Click here for more information and tickets

More about H2: The Occupation Lab:

2022 | 94 minutes |

North American Premiere

Director: Idit Avrahami, Noam Sheizaf

Segregated, highly surveilled, heavily filmed, and intensely guarded, H2 is the only Palestinian city with a Jewish settlement in it. Through rare archive footage and interviews with Hebron’s military commanders, H2: The Occupation Lab uncovers the ways in which a single neighborhood in Hebron fuels the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film tells the story of 54 years of military occupation and the place that is both a microcosm of the entire conflict and a test site for the methods of control Israel is implementing throughout the West Bank.


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