Ameinu Condemns Efforts to Abolish Reasonableness Standard


Ameinu condemns in no uncertain terms the moves made by Israel’s Knesset which will abolish the “reasonableness standard,” significantly reducing judicial review of the government and its officials and making it difficult for the Court to intervene when elected officials make arbitrary, extreme, or corrupt decisions. While the bill still needs to pass two more votes to become a law, that the danger to Israel’s democratic system is clear and imminent. 

“This vote should serve as a wake-up call,” said Ameinu President Kenneth Bob. “The time when American Jews refer to events in Israel as ‘internal affairs’ is over. Ameinu opposes this bill in its entirety and stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Israel and abroad in opposing this judicial coup.”  

In June, Ameinu proudly marched arm-in-arm in the Celebrate Israel Parade with members of UnXeptable, the US-based Israeli group fighting to save Israel’s democracy and we will continue to work together to defend Israel. 

“Our families and friends in Israel protect Israel’s democracy with their bodies and souls. We want to strengthen their spirit in our generation’s independence fight,” said Shany Granot-Lubaton, an UnXeptable leader.

Ameinu calls on all American Jewish organizations to vocally and publicly join us in this fight for the soul of Israel and the Jewish people.


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