Ameinu Responds to Amnesty’s Report on Israel


Amnesty International released a report entitled, “Israel’s Apartheid against Palestinians: Cruel System of Domination and Crime against Humanity.” This report has received global attention and was rejected unequivocally by the governments of Israel and the United States for its use of the word “apartheid.” The Amnesty report reads as an indictment of the entire Zionist enterprise and utilizes a selective understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to delegitimize Israel’s existence. 

Ameinu President Kenneth Bob said, “I reject the conclusions of the Amnesty report but I think that Israel’s supporters in America and around the world need to take a close and unflinching look at Israel’s policies in the occupied territories that are causing this uproar in the international community. While there is a need to combat these attacks, Israel will be well-served by alleviating the hardships that its more than 50 year occupation of the West Bank are causing to the Palestinians living under its rule and commit itself to finding a just solution to the conflict over Israel-Palestine.” 


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