Ameinu Congratulates President Biden and Vice President Harris

The White House in Washington DC with beautiful blue sky

Ameinu extends its heartfelt congratulations on the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. “This historic inauguration comes at a time when our country is faced with multiple crises including the ongoing COVID19 pandemic as well as the rise of violent, anti-democratic, right-wing extremism,” said Ameinu President Kenneth Bob. “We are confident that the Biden administration will represent all Americans and re-establish a society where all citizens and residents enjoy justice, safety, and equality under the law.”

Ameinu is hopeful that the Biden administration will resurrect the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, beginning by rebuilding the lost trust between the American and Palestinian leaderships. “Ameinu calls on President Biden to immediately reinstate the humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people that had been revoked by the Trump administration among other related steps. Leveraging the recent normalization agreements with the Arab countries and in coordination with the European Union, the United States should demonstrate leadership in pursuit of a secure and peaceful, two-state solution,” Bob continued. “There is now an opportunity to begin a new process that would bring an era of real change to the Middle East.”

After four years of divisiveness, distrust and animosity, Ameinu welcomes this new chapter and new beginning for the United States, its allies, and for the world as a whole.

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