UN Vote on Palestine Should Lead to Two State Negotiations

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Ameinu, the leading progressive Zionist membership organization in North America, notes the passing of the United Nations resolution in favor of granting non-member observer status for the Palestinians. The resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly on Thursday November 29 by a vote of 138 to 9 with 41 abstentions.

Ameinu urges that there be no recriminations against any of the parties in the wake of the UN vote.”Despite their votes against the resolution, it is imperative for the governments of Israel and the United States not to punish the Palestinian Authority (PA) for this diplomatic maneuver,” said Ameinu President Kenneth Bob. “At this time, the PA should be strengthened and supported by the Israel and US. Punishing the PA by freezing its funds or threatening to close the PLO offices in Washington is counterproductive and will only play into the hands of the forces in the region who do not seek peace,” he continued.

Ameinu recognizes the positive aspects of this resolution but also calls upon the Palestinian Authority not to approach the International Criminal Court (ICC) in order to file charges against Israeli officials. “The resolution reiterates the Palestinian commitment to a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and should serve as a basis for the resumption of negotiations to that end,” added Bob. “It is our sincere hope that this resolution leads to an end to the conflict; any attempts to use the resolution to damage Israel’s international legitimacy could impair chances for a peace agreement. Such measures will harm the forces that support the notion of using the UN to achieve justice for both parties to the conflict,” Bob concluded.

Ameinu reaffirms its commitment to a negotiated two state solution with Israelis and Palestinians alike living in peace and security. Ameinu calls upon President Obama to take an active role to return the parties to face-to-face negotiations without further hesitation.


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