Ameinu Challenges ‘Undiplomatic’ New Israeli Diplomat

See Ameinu’s statement on Dani Dayan’s attack on J Street, by clicking here.  The following NY Jewish Week letter to the editor by Gideon Aronoff  (“Highlighting Contradictions“) was inspired by this remarkably poor choice of a well-known right-wing activist as an Israeli diplomat,  first refused recognition by Brazil as Israel’s envoy to that country, and now appointed as consul-general in New York:


Forget Brazil, Hello New York” (Editorial, March 25), highlights Israel’s lack of credibility when it appoints diplomats such as
 Dani Dayan — consul general-designee to New York — with his personal views on the
 two-state solution that are in stark conflict with the purported policy of
 the State of Israel — and its commitments to the United States and other 
friends in the international community. Dayan, while emblematic of this
 larger problem, comes to New York with an even greater challenge.

Gideon Aronoff

Unlike some new Israeli diplomats who have simply taken their new positions
 and sought to ignore the contradictions, Dayan’s statements in recent days
 place these contradictions front and center. In tweets shortly after his 
appointment, Dayan declared that he was looking forward to “an inclusive
 dialogue” with “no exclusions.” However, he also recently declared J
 Street to be an “un-Jewish” organization that supports “anti-Israel

Dani Dayan
Dani Dayan

Progressive Zionists, like Ameinu and J Street, and the vast majority of
American Jews, defend Israel’s Jewish and democratic future by opposing the
 occupation and the building of Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands. 
While Ameinu will seek to meet with Dayan to ensure that he fully appreciates 
this core American Jewish viewpoint, which is also U.S. policy in the region, 
he will have an uphill battle to overcome doubts that he can put aside his 
personal opposition to two states for two peoples – Jewish and Palestinian
– and truly engage with the Jewish and broader American communities without 
insults or prejudice.

How Dayan responds will ultimately define his tenure in New York, but also 
may finally force the hand of the Netanyahu government to credibly answer the
 question of Israel’s position in front of the world on two states, Palestinians and peace.

Gideon Aronoff, CEO, Ameinu  

Mr. Dayan’s reaction to such protests from Ameinu and J Street was (as reported) to admit to being “somewhat undiplomatic.”

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