Ameinu Supports Kerry’s Call to American Jewish Community

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To the Leadership of the American Jewish Community:

Earlier this week, at the American Jewish Committee Global Forum, US Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the Jewish community for the first time since taking office. In his address, Kerry reiterated the Obama administration’s support for a two state solution, stating that “The best way to truly ensure Israel’s security…is by ending once and for all the conflict with the Palestinians…and by reaching a negotiated resolution that results in two states for two peoples.”

Ameinu, the leading progressive Zionist membership organization in North America, has been and continues to be a steadfast and active supporter of US efforts to reach a two state solution. As such, we support the Secretary of State’s words and call on the organized American Jewish community to do the same. 

As Secretary Kerry correctly stated, the stakes are high and the time for action is now. Ameinu agrees with Kerry’s belief that “people who think somehow that because there is a fence and because there’s been greater security and fewer people hurt are lulling themselves into a delusion that somehow it can be sustained. It cannot be.” 

As Kerry said, the American Jewish community has a strong voice; it is the obligation of the entire American Zionist and pro-Israel community to loudly and firmly raise this voice in favor of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The organized Jewish community must support Secretary of State Kerry’s efforts to bring the parties back to the negotiating table before it is too late.


Kenneth Bob
Ameinu National President



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