Ameinu Opposes Labor Party Joining Netanyahu Government

Jerusalem, Israel - January 15, 2017: The chamber of deputies in the Israeli Parliament is arranged with desks in a semi-circle, and a computer screen for each member.

Last week the Ameinu affiliates in the United States, Canada and Australia sent the following letter to the Israel Labor Party Secretary General regarding the negotiations towards the establishment of a new Israeli government led by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Eran Hermoni

Secretary General

Israel Labor Party

Dear Eran,

As the global community struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic, we in the United States, Canada and Australia are also paying special attention to developments in Israel. As you know, we all have many friends and loved ones throughout Israel and hope and pray that through good policies and perseverance, we will all come through this healthy and renewed.

As members of the World Labor Zionist Alliance, we proudly represent progressive Zionist values in the diaspora; it is in this spirit that we write to you regarding the question of whether the Labor Party should join a proposed Netanyahu led government.

While we appreciate that there are valid arguments for serving in such a government at this time, we believe that joining a government overloaded with too many ministers led by an indicted Prime Minister ultimately is a mistake. Despite their titles, Labor members of such a government will have little or no influence on the critical decisions taken. Likewise, their participation will be a betrayal of Labor voters who were told that under no circumstance would this take place.

We urge the members of the Labor Party Conference to vote to help create a true opposition to this government and to rebuild the Labor Party and the Israeli Left in general.

We share this recommendation with an unending spirit of chaverut and cooperation.

B’virkat chaverim,

Kenneth Bob, President, Ameinu USA

David Berson, Chair, Ameinu Canada

Ron Finkel, Chair, Ameinu Australia


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