Relaunch of The Third Narrative Israel-Palestine Initiative

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Ten years ago Ameinu created The Third Narrative (TTN) initiative to serve as a resource and sounding board for people who are struggling to figure out how to reconcile support of a Jewish homeland with their progressive values. We are pleased to announce a relaunch of the entire initiative, including an all-new website, and urge you to visit it and sample the content.

One of our goals is to provide progressives with answers to the far-left’s most vitriolic critiques of Israel. We know that when it comes to issues related to Israel and Palestine, the truth is rarely black or white; it resides in a gray area. That’s the landscape where TTN traverses.

During TTN’s first decade, we published materials that were distributed both in printed and virtual form across 22 countries. TTN sponsored conferences, programming and training sessions together with other organizations. We continue to host the Alliance for Academic Freedom (AAF), a group of liberal and progressive scholars dedicated to combating academic boycotts and blacklists, defending freedom of expression and promoting empathy in the debate over Israelis and Palestinians.

The current unprecedented political upheaval in Israel, coupled with the ongoing and deepening occupation of the West Bank, makes the mission of TTN more important than ever. That is why we hope you will review our new content and that it provides you with useful educational tools.

In particular, please take a look at the Tough Questions section, which addresses challenging issues raised by Israel’s harshest critics. Visit the Blog to see articles with innovative, out-of-the-box thinking on how to pursue peace and justice for both Israelis and Palestinians, along with other relevant topics. Our Initiatives section highlights the work of the AAF and other projects.

TTN website is not intended to represent Ameinu policy or to recycle tired arguments. We hope to engage old friends and new audiences, and welcome your input and involvement. Feel free to contact us here.


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