Add Your Voice to Global Jewry’s Opposition to Anti-Democracy Laws in Israel


As we have reported, Ameinu is actively supporting the protesters in Israel as they participate in massive demonstrations opposing blatant attempts by the far-right Israel government to pervert the democratic system, disenfranchise minority citizens and further distance Israel from any possibility of peace with the Palestinians. These issues are all linked through the legislative push we are witnessing.

This was front and center at the demonstration we co-sponsored in Washington DC to protest Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich’s address to the Israel Bond’s dinner. His repeated racist, homophobic statements have disqualified him from receiving the respect usually accorded to government ministers. Board member Kobi Cohen ably represented Ameinu among the speakers on Sunday evening.

According to President Isaac Herzog, the government’s actions have brought Israel to the verge of “societal and constitutional collapse.” To add your voice to this growing movement, please sign this open letter which calls upon President Herzog to use his office to stop the destructive process being carried out by the government of Israel.

Ameinu is one of the initiators of this campaign which is co-sponsored by 45 other organizations from across the global Jewish community under the umbrella of J-Link, the International Progressive Jewish Network. It is being circulated in six languages, all accessible at this link. Please share this campaign with your friends and community via social media and email.

The Jewish world has a voice, let us use it. 


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