Habonim Dror North America

Habonim Dror North America was founded in 1935 as the Labor Zionist youth movement. Since its founding it has been unrivaled in developing young Jewish leadership with an unshakable love of Israel, a deep commitment to social justice, and dynamic leadership capabilities.

The youth movement began as the independent youth wing of the Labor Zionist movement contributing directly to the founding of the State of Israel through Aliyah and Diaspora Zionist activities. Over the years, Habonim has sent numerous garinim (seed groups) to Israel to form and support Kibbutzim, including Kfar Blum, Urim, Tuval, Gezer, and Gesher-Haziv. More recently, several dozen young graduates of Habonim Dror have settled in Haifa, where they are forming an urban collective (http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/anglo-file/rank-and-file-1.380738).

The structure of Habonim Dror has always been based on the principle of youth leading youth.  The same authentic experience of empowerment that has infused Habonim graduates with the inspiration and sense of responsibility to form kibbutzim, has also led to the prolific numbers of Habonim Dror graduates in Jewish Leadership in Israel, North America, and around the World.

In seven summer Camps across North America (https://www.habonimdror.org/chaverim/machanot) experiential education and cooperative learning are the hallmarks of the Habonim Dror experience. Modeled on the spirit of kibbutz, Habonim Dror camps build a caring and inclusive community while teaching and living the principles of social justice and equality and exploring the ways of peace and coexistence in Israel and North America.

More than just a summer camp, Habonim Dror operates in over 20 chapters across North America, where they provide programming around Jewish Holidays, Zionist education, and social justice activism. Uniquely youth led, just like the summer camps, who extend programming based on the values of Habonim-Dror throughout the school year. You can find a local chapter through the summer camp in your area.

Habonim Dror programming also includes two Israel programs: Machaneh Bonim B’Israel affords seventeen year olds a five week trip to Israel with a leadership training program. Workshop is the first Israel gap year program. Workshop provides an unequaled Israel experience which is balanced between study and service. Workshop connects its participants to Israel and the Jewish people while providing a framework to grow and understand.


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