Membership 2022: Help Ukrainian Refugees While Supporting Ameinu


In these days of spring as we celebrate freedom from tyranny, we are sure your focus is centered on the events in Europe. Together with our colleagues at J-Link, the international progressive Jewish network, we publicly condemn “the unprovoked aggression of Russia against Ukraine and its legitimate, democratically elected government.” The Russian attacks on civilians include legitimate allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity, causing more than 4 million Ukrainians to seek refuge throughout Europe and elsewhere. Ameinu will remain engaged on this issue, and we are inviting you to actively join in the effort, as you will see below.

While well into 2022, we at Ameinu wish to thank you for your financial support and activism during the last year. Our organizational objectives cannot be achieved without the strong support of our members, and we can’t overstate how much we value your involvement. So as we launch our annual membership campaign, we would like to share our plans for 2022 with you.


As evidenced by our statement on the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ameinu continues to advocate for our values, both independently and collectively, through The Third Narrative, J-Link, the Progressive Israel Network and the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable. Our recent statements and actions have included LGBTQ+ rights, immigration, terror attacks in Israel, anti-Semitism, immigration, West Bank settlement activity and academic boycotts against Israel.

We’d like to highlight two areas on which Ameinu has placed priority in 2022. The issue of Palestinian home demolitions is critical from both a human rights perspective and the importance of preserving the option of a two state solution. Recently we shared the story of our visit to the village of al-Walaja, where 50 homes are slated for demolition. Working with colleagues in the region and in the United States, we will continue to do everything within our power to influence Israeli policy makers around this issue.

Another area of emphasis is our engagement with the left in America through The Third Narrative initiative. This has only become more critical in recent years and we are currently deploying funds raised specifically for this purpose. The result will be a new website, revised advocacy materials and targeted activism for a wider variety of sectors. Stay tuned for updates in this regard.

Ameinu is continuing our efforts to represent the progressive voice within the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the American Zionist Movement, the Jewish agency and the World Zionist Organization. Unfortunately, this task is frequently not a pleasant one. We are often subjected to outrageous behavior from the right, but it is critical work which we are well-positioned to undertake.


We aim to build on our efforts of recent years and offer you high quality programming, both directly and through partners like J-Link, where Ameinu serves on the Coordinating Committee. Going forward in 2022, we are bringing you programming in the spirit of our 2021 Virtual Israel Tour which took participants inside the central issues facing Israeli society, as well as programs together with other partners including Habonim Dror North America (HDNA). Hundreds of people have already participated in diverse programs we’ve hosted this year. Together with HDNA  we organized an International Holocaust Remembrance Day presentation about the underground resistance in Krakow. The feedback we received was positive, indicating the program was very impactful. We also held a J-Link global webinar on environmental peacebuilding in Israel and Palestine which included NGO leaders, an Israeli government minister and a United Nations senior representative.

To carry out this ambitious program, your involvement and support are critically needed! Therefore we hope you express your commitment with renewal of your Ameinu membership.

We are also offering the opportunity to contribute an additional amount to support the incredible refugee work being carried out in Poland by educators from our partner Dror Israel. Seven days a week, in two hangars of the Ptak Expo Center in Warsaw, they are operating two centers for children 3-13 and one for teens. Of the 3,000 refugees in the Ptak Expo, approximately 1,000 are children – so the need is immense.

Please click here and submit your dues of $72, $108 or $180 as well as any additional contribution you may wish to make to the Dror Israel refugee work being done in Poland, or send a check to: Ameinu, 17 State St Suite 4000, New York, NY 10004.

Thank you so much in advance. May you and those you love remain strong and healthy.

Best wishes,

Kenneth Bob


Nomi Colton-Max

Vice President, Ameinu

P.S. You may have noticed that the dollar amounts of the membership categories are higher; they haven’t been adjusted for over 10 years. Please choose the level that is best for you.


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